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Brief Action Planning Certification Brief Action Planning (BAP) Certification demonstrates a trainee’s competence in BAP. In the exam, you will role play using BAP with a standardized patient by telephone. The call will take up to 20 minutes.  Details: Certification is a standardized process, which means that you are scored on your ability to follow the steps of Brief Action Planning as closely as possible. The call will be recorded and then scored by a coder using a standardized rating scale. Those who complete the interaction to standard will be issued a Brief Action Planning certificate.   Read More


There are two parts to your learning package in Brief Action Planning (BAP). Self-Paced Online Modules and Learning Checks  Interactive Practice and Feedback Calls Part 1 There are five modules and four learning checks in Part 1.  Module 1: Instruction Module Module 2: Module 2: Stepped Care for Self-Managment Support (SMS) Learning Check Module 3: Spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI) Learning Check Module 4: Ask-Tell-Ask Learning Check Module 5: Brief Action Planning (BAP) Learning Check Each module builds on the previous one, so please complete them in order. The learning checks allow you to self-evaluate your progress through the course. If, during a learning check, you find that the definitions and concepts are not as stong in your mind as you want them to be, you may consider reviewing the module again before moving on to the next.  The modules and learning checks will take approximately 2-4 hours. The course is self-paced, and you may wish to break it up into several sessions. Once you have started the course, we recommend completing it within a few weeks, as each module builds on the previous one.  Part 2 The second part of the learning package is Practice and Feedback. There is a section in your course called "Drop-In Practice and Feedback Calls" that provides a link to CCMI's drop-in schedule and information to complete this part of the learning package.    If you have any questions about the content or techincal aspects of the course, please contact your eLearning support person at   To begin click the "start" button in the top right corner of your screen, or click on "Module 1: Instructions" in the content menu to the left.  Read More

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